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A Notebook in the Cloud

If you look back ten years ago most people wouldn’t have had a tablet or a smartphone. Most would have just owned a single household computer. It was simple back then; you would write something, decide if you want to keep it, and the save it.

But that was ten years ago. Now it isn’t all uncommon to own a smartphone, tablet, laptop and a desktop. We’re living in a completely different age, where technology rules everything we do.

If you only have two devices its simple enough to copy your files backwards and forwards as they change to keep them in sync but for those of us with more than this we really do need to up the game.

I was late to the tablet game, and so only had a laptop until April gone, which I used for everything. Since I got my iPad I’ve been trying to keep as much as possible automatically synchronised between devices. With a new desktop on the way this is going to be more important than ever.

Thankfully, it’s not just our devices that have updated over time; cloud-based software has crept in as well. Cloud software is now so common that most people are using it everyday without even noticing, and Evernote is one of the many pieces of software available which now make use of this cloud technology.

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Streaming Music and Video to your iPad

I’ll be the first to admit, this took me a little while to figure out. Streaming music and films from my MacBook to my iPad via WiFi is easy enough when you know how, or probably even easier if you aren’t as blind as me.

Anyhow, why would you want to do this? Well, your iPad is somewhat easier to carry around the house than your MacBook or iMac, and it’s battery lasts somewhat longer. So, what device is better for getting music in your dining room when your computer is in the study, but at the same time you don’t want to fill it with music. To start with you can’t fit your entire music collection on it, and secondly you want as much choice as possible. Sound like you? Then read on!

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Up and coming on AppFlow

At the start of the year I wrote a post about the current state of AppFlow, and the positions of myself and Luke. These situations constantly change, and post exams it is now the summer for me, although an unusually short one for a student.

You may have noticed that a few extra posts have appeared recently on AppFlow, but not many. This is because I am actively working to redevelop the site, giving a better user experience and making it easier to browse the archives in the event that another break in posting occurs.

I mentioned earlier that this summer will be a short one for me. This is simply because I am a university student and will be going on placement for the next year, starting next month. So, my intentions for this time leading up to placement is to develop a new site that makes it easier to browse AppFlow that works just as well on a mobile device as on a desktop or a laptop. As soon as I am finished on each phase of produceing this I will share updates via the Twitter feed.

Now, another addition I want to make is a bit more of a weighting towards iOS. We’ve had very little on that front since AppFlow began and since my recent purchase of an iPad I should be able to squeeze more reviews in as most iOS apps are much smaller than desktop counterparts. Where possible I intend to look at mobile apps alongside their desktop counterpart.

So all in, sorry for the lack of posts but I am actively working on AppFlow to make your experience better. Once the new site is ready we should be able to up the caliber of the posts again, as long as I have my weekends back for the next year as I should while on placement.

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